The Passion TitleThis Easter, a major new drama on BBC1, The Passion, follows the final week in the life of Jesus. Click here to read more about the series and to explore the events in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

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St. Luke’s is joining together with other local churches to demonstrate God’s love for our communities in Hope 08.

Meet the family...

Meet the family... Dean Norris

Dean Norris grew up with no religious teaching whatsoever, but he always questioned what life was all about. Read his story…

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Brunel 2008

Brunel Manor StepsEvery 2 years around February St. Luke’s Church family heads off down the M5 to Brunel Manor for 2 days of teaching, fun, great food and a chance to get to know each other better. Read more...

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Holy Week

Who is this Jesus?

This is the question that many in Jerusalem were asking in the final week of his life here on earth. On Palm Sunday morning at St. Luke’s this is the question that Bishop Peter Maurice invited us to consider. What does all this mean for us and our world today?

Palm Sunday we remember Jesus entering Jerusalem on a colt to cheers and the waving of palm branches, mindful of the temporary nature of his popularity. Very few remained faithful. A few days later the same crowd was united in their demands for his execution. Jesus, fully aware that his end was fast approaching, demonstrated in these final days the power of love that can transform even the darkest moments. This is the love that lies at the heart of Holy Week. We join together on Thursday to remember how Jesus washed the feet of his bickering disciples before celebrating the Passover meal, breaking bread and sharing the cup of wine – representing his broken body and his shed blood, by which we today are drawn in to the LIFE of Christ.

On Good Friday we focus on Christ’s suffering and death, processing with crosses to plant in Bear Flat and Willow Green to leave as a reminder of the price he paid for our salvation.

And then of course on Sunday morning we gather in church to celebrate the RISEN LORD JESUS. Join with us on the journey. Click here for details of the events of Holy Week.
If you have questions you may find these PASSION FAQs helpful.

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